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Aputure F10 Glass Fresnel lens

30,00 €Preço

Temos disponível para alugar as lentes Fresnel da Aputure F10.

We have available for rent the Aputure F10 Glass Fresnel lens.



  • Fresnel Lens Diameter: 250mm / 9.843in
  • Accessory Slot Diameter: 332.88mm / 13.106in
  • Accessory Mount: Bowens Mount




  • Aputure F10 10-in Bowens Mount Glass Fresnel Lens Modifier (p/n 6971842181315). The F10 Fresnel is a Bowens Mount, True Glass Fresnel Lens Modifier, made to match the size of traditional 10-inch Fresnel lights like a tungsten 5K or 2500W HMI, with a 250mm diameter lens made of real glass. The size of this Fresnel allows filmmakers to get punchy hard-light that maintains a subtle soft quality that is perfect for dramatic expression. As an Aputure Fresnel, this modifier also uses Aputure’s dual-lens optical design, utilising a condenser lens to refocus the light from a flat-chip COB LED to perfectly fill the front Fresnel element, further enhancing the fixture’s illuminance.
    When combined with the Aputure LS 600d, the fixture can output over 200,000lux at 1 meter. In addition to its variable 15°-45° beam angle, the F10 Fresnel also adopts Aputure’s seamless adjustable focus design from the Fresnel 2X, assuring precise and ergonomic adjustability.