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Lindsey Optics 4x5.65 Diopter - Set of 5

125,00 € Preço normal
80,00 €Preço promocional

Temos disponível para alugar Lindsey Optics 4x5.65 Diopter - Set of 5.

We have available for rent Lindsey Optics 4x5.65 Diopter - Set of 5.



 To create the Brilliant Tray Mount Close-Up Lens series Lindsey Optics have mounted the 138mm Close-Up Lenses (Diopters) in a 4"x5.65" tray, which gives a 5.1" diameter clear aperture in the tray, allowing use with large lenses and wide angle lenses.
All of Lindsey Optics lenses have a broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coating (MC Coating). The unique tray mount design allows quick and easy changes of close-up lenses in both clip-on and rod mount matte boxes. The +1/4 and +1/2 fit in one slot.  The +1 and +2 use 2 slots and the +3 uses 3 slots in the matte box. The Brilliant diopters fit in ARRI™, Bright Tangerine™, Chrosziel™ and Vocas™ matte boxes.



+1/4 Diopter

+1/2 Diopter

+1 Diopter

+2 Diopter

+3 Diopter