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Sun-Scrim Butterfly Overhead Diffusor Kit

90,00 €Preço

Temos disponível para alugar o Kit de Difusão Sun-Scrim Butterfly Overhead.

We have available for rent the Sun-Scrim Butterfly Overhead Diffusor Kit.



  • 1x Sun scrim,
  • 1x Diffusion Screen,
  • 1x 3.6mx3.6m / 12'x12' butterfly frame,
  • 1x Carry Bag (NO Stands are Included)



  • Diffuser material: white artificial silk;
  • Frame size: 3.6mx3.6m / 12'x12' assembled;
  • Carrying bag material: mixed fiber;
  • Diffuser kit weight: 13.6kg
  • Our sun scrims are ideal for using outdoors or in the studio on large products or groups such as vehicles, furniture, machines and any reflective products. It also works beautifully if you are shooting large groups i.e. for events, videos or TV productions.